Early 2019

It was a cold sunny day when our team received drawings regarding a new “made for two” themed hotel that was already under construction in Paphos, Cyprus.

Following review of the drawings and original proposals, our team determined that a Cable Facade with Corner Clamped Glass was the ultimate solution for Kanika Group’s Amavi hotel.

Shortly thereafter, following a successful presentation to our associates, we were informed that the client was enamored by our innovative and cost-effective solution, and our subcontract for the complete design and supervision of all glass facades in Amavi hotel began. 

Following the end of a meticulous design and coordination process, it was established that both elevator shaft facades would incorporate double glazed units suspended on 30mm diameter structural cables, which would need to be tensioned to approximately 15 metric tons each – in order to withstand the structural wind and earthquake loads -as well as the dead loads for each glass panel to perform within acceptable deflection limits.

Once the design was completed and signed off on – the coordination of installation commenced with components for the facade being ordered globally, and being fabricated to the systems near zero tolerance. 

Following the work performed by ESD and the coordination support offered to Kanika Group and the facade subcontractors (IQ Facades & Future Technologies Cyprus) – our team performed flawlessly and presented their client with a jaw dropping, awe inspiring set of facades that is still spoken of throughout the Island of Cyprus, representing an ideal solution exceptionally suited for the uniqueness of their iconic hotel.

The end product speaks for itself.

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“Corner Glass Supports Installed At Cyprus’s First Cable Facade”

Contractor:                        – Kanika Group CY

Client:                                 – Kanika Hotels CY

Facade Design:                – Engineworx Structural Design

Facade S/Contractor:    – IQ Facade & Future Technologies